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I take a bus, train and boat in my 'brave' 2-hour commute to college

"Not once will I ever understand why I chose a college so far away, and why I’ve chosen it again for next year," the student admitted about her daily trek.

I tried to poach an egg in the microwave — it scorched my face

This kitchen "hack" is not as egg-cellent as you might think.

Prince George forced to do chores by Prince William, Kate

"That was George’s job at half term," Middleton said.

Airline asks to weigh passengers flying internationally

Air New Zealand will be asking to weigh passengers traveling internationally in June.

40% of restaurant food poisoning outbreaks are caused by sick employees: CDC

“If there’s a positive food safety culture, you’re not penalized for illness,” Baum said.

My wife cheated on me with my dad — now she's pregnant

"It’s sick — how could my father do that to me?” a distraught Declan wondered.

Kate Beckinsale says Keanu Reeves saved her from Cannes wardrobe malfunction

"All the poppers in the crotch popped themselves open and it flipped up like a roller blind," she confessed.

Ticks are spreading deadly Powassan virus, CDC warns

There has been an uptick in cases of the once-rare disease.

Leaving the city for suburban life could trigger depression: researchers

People living in "low-rise and single-family housing suburbs" were at a higher risk for developing depression, a new study showed.

I swapped flower girls for 'beer boys' at my boozy wedding ceremony

The “nontraditional bride” wanted her grand entrance to create a little buzz.

Pablo Escobar's feral hippos are being airlifted — to El Chapo's Mexican homeland

Colombian drug lord Escobar kept hippos on his ranch which went feral. Now some are being "rescued" and sent to El Chapo's homeland.

Jeff Bezos got 'mega ripped off' on $4K engagement wine that sells for hundreds

A wine source told The Post that particular bottle last sold at auction on March 3, 2022, for $647.29, which included a 20% buyer's premium.

Inside the real-life homes of 'Succession' — and how being on TV means millions for brokers

"‘Succession’ is the type of show that very wealthy, very successful people who rarely have time for TV watch," said broker Lila Nejad, who represents a $22.5 million home "lived...

San Francisco dog owner shares warning after pet ate opioid-tainted human feces in park

A San Francisco dog owner issued a foul warning to other local pet parents after her dog got sick after eating human waste tainted with marijuana and opioids at a...

Taylor Swift fans claim 'post-concert amnesia' due to bizarre phenomenon

One concert-goer described it as "an out-of-body experience, as though it didn’t really happen to me."

I was humiliated ordering at a sushi restaurant: 'No, too much food!'

These fish tales aren't letting either party off the hook: Cassandra Mauro says she was degraded — the eatery's owners say they're the victims of "racially motivated harassment."

'Bed rotting' Gen Z is destroying their future: 'Never be at home'

The secret to success? "Home is for seven hours of sleep and that’s it," said an NYU professor.

Here's how you can watch 'Manhattanhenge' tonight in NYC

New York native and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson advises onlookers grab a spot as far east as possible that still has views of New Jersey across the Hudson River.

Nightclub slammed, under investigation after influencers photographed at party with wild animals

Two Wrongs nightclub in Melbourne, Australia is under investigation after it was slammed for letting influencers holding snakes and baby crocodiles at its relaunch event.