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I was forced to clean up my son’s vomit as supermarket staff watched

A mom claims she was forced to clean up her son's vomit while checking out at a supermarket: 'The employee told a worker to stand over me to make sure...

Here's why parents should rethink naming their baby Axel

A Redditor has divided the internet with a stark warning to parents who have “Axel” on their list of possible baby names because it sounds like a naughty word.

I'm a swim instructor — don't put your kids at risk with this deadly pool mistake

Nikki Scarnati is making a viral splash with her potentially lifesaving TikTok tip.

Mom called 'cheap' for packing toddler a homemade meal when dining out

"You want me to pay $10.50 for chicken tenders and fries that my son is going to throw half of it on the floor? You’re crazy," she asks rhetorically.

My baby got 'margarita burn' after eating celery: What parents should know

An infant suffered a blistering rash after munching on celery in the sun, a horrified mother is claiming.

I let my kid tell me to 'f- -k off' — but I'm a great mom

Lucinda Hart permits her daughters Rafi and Aelfrida to curse openly. "It’s like an extra bit of punctuation."

I spent $315K on my gender reveal — I bought a new Lamborghini

“I’m so nervous. My heart is pounding," property tycoon Ste Hamilton shared before the unveil.

I 'sued' my parents for having me without my permission — now I have kids

The Hoboken woman's bold remarks have birthed over 2.2 million views on TikTok.

Cardi B's epic lunches for daughter stun fans: 'You should adopt me'

"I wanna be a little kid again...her lunch for school is everything...a kids have all those goodies..." one fan raved.

I should be infertile — but with months left to live I’m having a baby

A man was told he would be infertile after cancer treatment. Now, his wife is pregnant with their "miracle" baby, while he was given just months to live.

I met triplets with bizarre names, except for one: 'Poor kid'

One of the three kids missed out on a funky "punk rock" name.

I named my baby after a designer brand — haters call it wishful thinking

She isn't the only parent inspired by gilded luxury. A study from JewelleryBox revealed just how popular designer-influencer names were in nearly two decades.

My husband had a hilarious reaction to our toddler's temper tantrum — haters are calling it 'child abuse'

A mom has shared a hilarious video of her child throwing a hissy-fit following a trip to the supermarket. 

Parents issue urgent warning over fake Bluey episodes leaving kids ‘freaked out’

Bootleg versions of the popular Australian children’s show that are “nothing like” the real Bluey have been catching out unsuspecting parents.

I'm a former paramedic – the 'squish test' could save your baby from choking

A former paramedic has shared a one-second trick to minimize the risk of your baby choking on a piece of food.

'Selfishness': My husband flies first class while the kids and I fly economy

“Your husband appears to be a narcissist, who loves and cares only for himself,” wrote one man on Facebook, gaining 3800 likes in support.

I wrote an essay about my mom's death — it made my professor cry

"I celebrate her existence everyday and am so incredibly grateful to have the best Angel looking over me," Ryan Harman wrote.

My daughter was diagnosed with dementia — she's only 19

“I thought this can’t be true, she’s only 19. I never thought it could be dementia — not in my wildest dreams," Rebecca Robertson said.

Parents spark debate for charging teen $300 for rent and food each month

Some parents think having their children pay rent is the lease they could do.